A bit about us....

Down Time is a 3-piece indie rock outfit from Denver, CO fronted by Alyssa Maunders, a New Mexico native who moved north to Denver in 2015 in search of a more robust music scene. Lead guitar/keyboard player Justin Camilli also hails from New Mexico and that lonely, dry desert landscape tends to permeate the sonic stylings of Down Time. Drummer/bassist Davey Weaver protects and nurtures the groove under which these desert songs blossom. Alyssa writes songs from the heart with often ironic and sometimes painful observations about the world in which she exists. The rest of the band fills in the colors of this indie paint-by-number and the result is Down Time.


In the last year Down Time has opened for acts like Snail Mail, Liza Anne, the Shacks and Palehound and The Reptaliens. The band completed their first tour in March of this year through the Southwest and West Coast with great success.  Upon their return they recorded a full-length follow up record to their debut EP, "Good Luck!" in a local studio in Denver.


Though the recorded songs are more richly layered and produced, when Down Time performs live as a trio it's  more of a stripped down sound. Davey plays kick drum and hi hat rhythms with his feet and bass guitar with his hands, providing a quieter and sparser rhythmic base which allows the lyrics and melodies of the songs to truly stand out and sparkle.

Label: Grouphug

Genre: indie rock

Hometown: Denver, CO

Influences: Velvet Underground, Pavement, and        Andrew Bird

Sounds like: Angel Olsen, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and  Cate le Bon

Contact: Justin Camilli

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